Thursday, March 22, 2012

sign: FROG Hopkins

Like we mentioned last week, Lil's first birthday party was March 10th. We used Hopkins (the Signing Time frog) and her bed linens with baby animals as the theme. 

Lil's cake toppers had Hopkins on it. So Cute! She really enjoyed her first ice cream cake and regular cake experience. Hopkins was also on her banners that Sherri's Hobby Shop made for us!
She doesn't have any favorites yet, like a blanket, toy, or stuffed animals, but she surely does enjoy watching her Signing Time DVDs so Hopkins was surely appropriate!

What animals do your children like? Perhaps they will be featured in the upcoming weeks!


Co-Kindering said...

I am so glad that I found your blog. We use a lot of sign in our classroom with a nonverbal student. I am looking forward to following you.

HearMyHands said...

Co-Kindering - thank you! I use sign language as well with my nonverbal students! and my students developing verbal language.

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