Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sign: TURKEY. signing TURKEY and keeping those Little Hands busy during Thanksgiving holiday.

Little Fingers Gramma is in town and she has lots of TURKEY crafts PLANNED for Lil (psst - PLANNED was the Sign of the Day last week!).
crafts turkey

I found this cute craft on Signing Time's website. A cute TURKEY (click here for the template and directions). I also have a variety of Thanksgiving crafts and therapy ideas on on my Pinterest Boards.
how to sign turkey
Sign: TURKEY think of the bottom part of the TURKEY's chin -
some say Wattle, some say Gobbler

Friday, November 22, 2013

sign: PLAN , what are you planning for the holidays?

With Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Christmas coming up we all have lots of PLANNING to do! What special things do you do for the holidays?
asl for plan
Sign: PLAN (think - get one thing done and move on [over] to the next. PLAN
We have tons of things PLANNED: family in town, Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday shopping, putting the Christmas lights up ... so so much!

I have to be honest, this isn't on my teach-my-daughter list. But I do use it at work with my students and it's something I sign with my high school student all the time.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

sign: HARVEST. It's the theme in our books right now

harvest sign language
graphic compliments of MyCuteGraphics
I've been reading a lot to different THANKSGIVING books to Little Fingers. Some of the themes is HARVEST (obviously)... teaching a two and half year what HARVEST is isn't the easiest thing I'm doing recently, let me tell you.

Sign: HARVEST (reminds me of putting the seed down and continuing to plant. HARVEST)

How do you teach your toddlers and pre-k children these tricky words these time of year .. HARVEST!

#SignLanguageLove #ASLforever #Thanksgivingsigns We're on it!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

sign: SISTER , thankful Little Fingers has a SISTER! What are you thankful for this season?

This year Little Fingers is thankful she has
her little SISTER,Tiny Fingers, to spend Thanksgiving with! I'm extremely happy to have two happy and healthy kids! What are you thankful for?

ASL for sister

(Don't forget- when you're signing people signs below the nose is female, above the nose is male. Just a little reminder).

This is our first Thanksgiving Thankful giveaway. Tell us one thing you are thankful for below (in a comment) and you get one chance to win! Share this status on Facebook and comment on Facebook and get a second chance to win! We are giving away a Signing Time DVD for our first giveaway. 
The winner will be notified via this blog and on Facebook. It is their responsibility to email us within 24 hours to provide us an address to mail the prize. Good luck!

Signing Time Rachel and the Treeschoolers sale
Rachel & The TreeSchoolers New Release!! Flash Sale!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

sign for LEAF PILE. ASL learning each day with each new experience! Raking the LEAVES and signing. Why not?!

I'm sure you are familiar by now but I take each moment as a moment to teach Little Fingers (and now Tiny Fingers) sign language! Last weekend we were raking leaves. So while she was jumping in the LEAF PILE I taught her the sign for LEAF PILE! Best part now is now she teaches Teeny Fingers. 

ASL for leaf pile
The Sign for LEAF PILE is LEAF plus PILE. ASL LEAF reminds me of the LEAF falling of the tree. The sign PILE sure looks like a pile right? What ASL signs are you learning right now?

Don't forget about our other fall signs! 
We have FALL (click here) & TREE (click here)
We almost had a lost solider in our LEAF PILE! Ironically, he looks so much like Hopkins right! 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

sign: Fall. It's autumn, it's Fall! FALL FALL LEAVES

Sign Language Fall Fun! ASL learning every season!

Now that my daughter is old enough (2.5 years old), we read thematic books. So now we're on FALL. I taught her that Halloween is over (so she stopped asking where all the indoor/outdoor decorations went!). We've been reading every FALL themed book I can get my hands on. And yet, I realized I forgot to teach her the sign for FALL!

So here it is. ASL FALL. Sign for FALL! Hopefully I'll have a new post with her signing it :) She's picking up new signs daily and teaching her sister (8 months)! Super fun sign language times over here! 

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