Saturday, December 31, 2011

January Hand-y Craft: Penguins!

January Hand-y Craft: Penguins!

ABC signing Memory Game

Check out Laura's game. What a great concept! It's a fun interactive way to learn the alphabet in sign. :)

Welcome to HearMyHands

Welcome Welcome! We're new the world of blogging but with the New Year approach, it's our goal to reach out to you better by providing some great information about HearMyHands, Sign Language, Deaf culture, and other related topics!

HearMyHands has been in business since 2008 offering classes for all ages: Mommy & Me, Adult Conversational Sign, and just plain customized tutoring. Stay tuned for all our most up to date information including classes forming in late January and February.  Also Check us out on Amazon for some great products sold 
... and Facebook for some other great sign language followers and posts!

Happy New Year! Make it count!

Happy Signing!
~ Kristy
Master Certified Instructor, Signing Time

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