Wednesday, May 8, 2013

sign: GARDEN. Time to get planting!

We had a request for GARDEN for this great spring season.
I don't have a vegetable GARDEN, but I do enjoy my FLOWER GARDEN. So does Little Fingers - getting her fingers on all my FLOWERS!

I can't believe how small Little Fingers is! (this was last spring)

ASL for garden
 sign garden

GARDEN: imagine you are sprinkling the seeds into the GARDEN. Your fingers wiggle in that motion and your hands move forward.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

sign: STORE. My daughter's first trip to the food STORE

Today I ventured out to our local food store with Em, my 10 week old! It was successful! She enjoyed looking at all the food and lights. I guess it's time to start venturing other places as well! 

Where was your first big outing just you and your baby?

Sign: STORE - move your wrists forward and backwards. Just
make sure you don't move your elbows (and turn the sign into TEACH!)

Friday, May 3, 2013

sign: MONEY. Save $$$ by shopping at the Best Dressed for Less Sales this weekend!

I'm getting very excited the semi annual sales I started talking about last week with Best Dressed for Less in Burlington, NJ. I have several sign language classes started and in the works for June and throughout the summer ... this sale is helping me get all the materials I need to make these classes extra fun and special.  This time they are even stepping it up and are selling Melissa and Doug items brand new (great for Miss Little Fingers)!

ASL for money

I'm going this weekend! Hope you see you there

consignment sale

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