Tuesday, December 17, 2013

sign: SANTA. Little fingers learned to sign SANTA in ASL. Bonus: SANTA crafts

The sign SANTA is very important around here. It was taught yesterday, on BLACK Friday because of course SANTA'S already out and about.
Signing Simon got to work and here's SANTA.
ASL for Santa claus

But I thought that's not it!
We're including some of our favorite SANTA crafts!
1. SANTA Advent Calendar. This count calendar reinforces counting and numbers with the fun excitement of SANTA!
advent Christmas crafts

2. Santa Flowering pots. I thought this was adorable, some great hands on crafts.
Christmas crafts

3. Santa DIY popsicle sticks (and friends). Super cute!
DIY Santa Claus crafts

Monday, December 2, 2013

sign: STUFFING, thinking of my thanksgiving left overs .. what can I make with my STUFFING?

With Thanksgiving finished now, we have all these leftovers! Anyone have any good suggestions for what to make with left over STUFFING ? 
asl sign for stuffing, how to sign stuffing, thanksgiving signs, holiday signs, sign for stuffing
Sign: STUFFING - think you are STUFFING the turkey!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

sign: TRAVEL , where did you TRAVEL for the Thanksgiving holiday?

With holidays coming many people are TRAVELING to see their families and loved ones. We're lucky enough to have our family TRAVEL to us! 
asl sign travel

Our guests are leaving early this year. They're left yesterday. What were your TRAVELING plans? Our Little Fingers and Tiny Fingers are not the best travelers. Any tips to make them better travelers. We TRAVEL in baby steps .. and we're still not ready for the 8-hour ride to the family's house.

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