About Me

HearMyHands was created 2008 after a research study I conducted at LaSalle University using sign language with hearing infants. The study was a success and HearMyHands launched! HearMyHands provides workshops, classes, and tutoring for babies, children, adults, and employers.

I am a Masters Level certified Signing Time instructor in South Jersey. I have been a member of the Sign2Me Presenters Network since 2006.

I have my bachelors in Communication Science & Disorders and masters in Speech-Language Pathology.  I'm currently enrolled at Nova Southeastern for my doctorate in speech-language pathology with hopes to be finished December 2013!

I truly enjoy learning the language of ASL and am eager to share that joy with others. Knowing infants' minds are like little sponges, learning ASL is just a great way to help them absorb everything they have at the tip of their little fingers. I now have my own daughter who I get to teach sign language too.  November 2011, at eight months of age, my daughter signed 'more'. It was just confirmation that this is whole worth while. I practice what I preach and love doing it :)! Keep an eye on the blog and see what new signs Ms Little Fingers is learning!
Now stay tuned for MORE
(This isn't my baby but her signing pictures are soon to come!)
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Happy Signing!

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