Sunday, November 17, 2013

sign for LEAF PILE. ASL learning each day with each new experience! Raking the LEAVES and signing. Why not?!

I'm sure you are familiar by now but I take each moment as a moment to teach Little Fingers (and now Tiny Fingers) sign language! Last weekend we were raking leaves. So while she was jumping in the LEAF PILE I taught her the sign for LEAF PILE! Best part now is now she teaches Teeny Fingers. 

ASL for leaf pile
The Sign for LEAF PILE is LEAF plus PILE. ASL LEAF reminds me of the LEAF falling of the tree. The sign PILE sure looks like a pile right? What ASL signs are you learning right now?

Don't forget about our other fall signs! 
We have FALL (click here) & TREE (click here)
We almost had a lost solider in our LEAF PILE! Ironically, he looks so much like Hopkins right! 

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