Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sign: EXCITED for this weekend! Lil's 1st Birthday!

We're very EXCITED for Little Fingers' first birthday coming up. We might even post a picture of her directly facing the camera! 

As much as we're keeping it low key, we're still really enjoying planning the small event here at our house. Families are coming from out of town (and state). We had Sherri's Hobby Shop make the banners with the animals from her room decor and little Hopkins from Baby Signing Time, Adia's Photography take her picture, and Holiday Ice Cream (local ice cream shop) make her ice cream cake... it'll be her first time having ice cream! We're so very EXCITED!

I think the next several signs will be themed around our excitement, the party planning, and how the event all went down! 
The right and left hands with the middle finger bent at the
large knuckle and the other fingers extended move
in alternating circles. 
The circular movement is up and out, then down and in

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to her!! Hope she has a good day. Just visiting people from my GFC followers. Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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