Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Signing Time Product Review! from Mamas Like Me

Mamas Like Me did a great product review (click here) on Baby Signing Time and we're doing a great giveaway with it! 
You have to check it out! 

There's some great pictures of her son watching the awesome DVDs. They enjoyed the movie and saw the value in learning sign language. We'd love to hear from you - What's your favorite Signing Time DVD? How do your children react to watching the DVDs?

Disclaimer: Mamas Like Me was not paid to write this post. She was given the DVD to review and the post was not edited prior to review. These words are strictly from the thoughts of Mamas Like Me. 

Thank you to Mamas Like Me

Again, in case you missed it: Click Here:


Sarah said...

We just recently borrowed Baby Signing time from the library for my 20 month old. Although she communicates really well for her age, we wanted to reinforce the signs that she had learned and wasn't using anymore. I love watching her practice the signs during the day. We will be changing her diaper and she will say "diaper dance' and do the sign for diaper! We have the second one on hold and I can't wait to see what it has on it!

HearMyHands said...

Sarah - Thanks for the comment! My daughter loves Baby Signing Time too - I'm glad your library stocks them for you! The music is definitely catchy - we love singing it in the car or in the kitchen getting meals ready .. it's great time spent together :)

Linda said...

Before my granddaughter could talk she had a few simple signs mostly related to food and drink. It was pretty darn cute. best wishes, Linda

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