Tuesday, March 20, 2012

sign: CHILDREN - Helping CHILDREN's Hospital of New Jersey

Today's sign is CHILDREN in hopes to reach out to others to help CHILDREN in need. 

CHILDREN'S Hospital of New Jersey created this awesome concept Building Blocks. Building Blocks was created as a way to raise money to create a home away from home for families with ill or injured children that are staying at the CHILDREN'S Hospital of NJ. 

One of my favorite parts that caught my eye:
"WHY WE'RE DOING IT: Imagine that you have a child in the hospital and you don’t want to leave their side for long. Maybe you don’t have bus fare or a car to drive back and forth. All you want is a place to shower or a warm bed to sleep in. We want to remodel an entire floor in our now vacant nursing dorm to give these families a home away from home." (compliments of http://www.buildingblocksofhope.org/how.html). 

For more information about the hospital and their hopes to help others please visit here. With my very small donation, I was able to leave a lasting impression on the CHILDREN at Newark Beth
Need more information?  check out this video. They also started this great blog! (Click here)

I don't live very close, but moments like this matter and I will do what I can to help the CHILDREN in need.

Another two-part sign! CHILDREN


Gouge Mommy said...

I LOVE Teaching children sign language. It not only helps them communicate, but builds a foundation to later learn other languages.

HearMyHands said...

Gouge Mommy - so true! Sign Language is a great foundation for later learning American Sign Language as well as other languages. I always tell my families in tutoring and classes - "It takes a language to learn a language!"

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