Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We've got some exciting new things up our sleeves

I'm vey excited to announce some exciting new things going on here at HearMyHands. We're excited to announce Signing Simon exclusively designed for HearMyHands! Simon already has some awesome ideas of how to help you learn sign language, but he'd love to hear your ideas.

We're excited to announce the new Home Party feature from Signing Time that fits so nicely in our Hosting Hands program. More details coming soon! Are you one to scrapbook on the first Friday of every month? or join a book club that meets monthly? Why not learn sign language the first Wednesday (or another day) of every month!? Get new products, new tips/techniques, fun ways to sign - how cool!

We're looking forward to our new series to help teachers with thematic units. We'd love to hear from you, teachers, with your thoughts of what you would like to see. First series is spring - check back soon for our lesson plan ideas for spring! 

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