Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sign: DADDY

Obviously if we talked about MOMMY a while (Click Here) we must mention DADDY!

DADDY plays his role too! He gives the tubby time, he feeds her when I'm doing homework... He wakes up on one of the weekend morning to let me have one morning to sleep. He taught her the sign MILK (click here). He got her trying to say 'two' when he counts her snaps on her onsie when changing her. Yah for DADDY!

Last week he taught her how to say 'baby.' He reinforces all signs I ask him to sign with her ;)

One of the more important things recently, he helped me maintain my sanity last week when we took Lil off the bottle! She was a trooper  ... I was a stress ball! (haha). He was strong though.

compliments of Sign2Me

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