Friday, March 23, 2012

sign: DOCTOR & MEDICINE- Lil's too happy to go to the DOCTOR

We went to the DOCTOR'S last month when she had the croup and ear infection. And well, see for yourself- she's much too interested in the room.

She wanted to play with the equipment and walk all over the table... It ended with her getting MEDICINES.

We had to go back a couple weeks ago for a minor rash and here she is playing again! I tell ya - I wish I had her pain tolerance! And again - she was given MEDICINE.

Some children don't respond well at all to the doctor. This is where sign language can help those young children (and toddlers) or children with various special needs because you can use the sign when you're talking about going to the doctor as a visual reinforcing schedule so they gain understand better with the use of sign language as their visualize.

Compliments of Sign2Me

This sign in case you can't see it is as follows: the dominant hand's middle finger is shaking on the open palm of the non-dominant hand.

How are your children at the DOCTORS? I feel very fortunate Lil's so good at the DOCTOR'S office.

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