Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sign: WHEN for WHEN do we use sign

An update: WHEN do we sign?

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WHEN: non-dominant pointer finger stays still while the other dominant hand finger 
makes a circle around and down to it.

Ms. Little Fingers is 13 months old now. She's saying some words, climbing up and down any stairs, walking all over, eating whatever we give her (most of the time) and trying to say whatever we say. So .. we up the ante with our signs quite a bit!

Here's some times and ways we're signing...

1. wake up with our good morning song so I sign GOOD MORNING to Ms. Little Fingers

2. then we move on to DIAPER (no DIAPER DANCE song - she's too tired to hear that up-edy beep-bop song!). I vary it also signing POTTY and POOP. (She's already pooped on the potty twice so I try to introduce it when possible).

3. We continue using EAT, MORE, DRINK and MILK after she's dressed in her high chair. 

4. We've added CEREAL in the high chair scene.

5. We dance and sing in the car to the babysitter's - don't ask but true - yes, we dance in the car. Let me tell you she has rhyme! When she's excited she signs and says BABY - she's just funny like that :) (And no I don't sign in the car typically to her - there's enough other things going on!)

6. When the work day is over, and the weather is nice, we take a ride in her beloved CAR. We sign CAR

7. But if it's really nice, we sign WALK, grab the dog and take a stroll. 

8. Dinner time brings back the MILK, EAT/FOOD, MORE and ALL DONE (which is signs and says now!).

9. Now she loves adventures in the kitchen. She loves getting into things she shouldn't be in but the great thing is when I say/sign THANK YOU and put my hand  out to her and she gives it to me. 

10. During play, DADDY and I sign DADDY and MOMMY

11. The night ends with tubby time. BATH and DUCK join our tub scene. We bring in the BUBBLES sometimes too.

12. But our night ends with DIAPER and BOOK. She points to the BOOKS she wants me to grab off her book shelf as I get her ready for bed and she stands on her changing pad. 

These are just some of the times. I know there's other times but we'll leave it at this for now. How about you? When do you use sign?

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