Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sign: ON for WTSW

Today's Wednesday! 

What's the Sign Wednesday? ON!

Thank you to We Can Do All Things for the suggestion. 

Sign: ON

It's a tricky one! Here you see a sign for ON, but I'm sure you can think of several ways to use the word ON in a sentence.

For example:
1. On Tuesdays, I go to soccer practice.
2. Turn the light on.
3. The book is on the table. 
4. The show is on.

This sign ON is mostly describing when something is ON something else. It's definitely on #1 and try not to use it for #2 or #4. #1 describes a time concept (very different). #4 really means 'has started'. 

See.. these very few examples all describe different on's! That brings me to ASL vs. SEE1 vs. SEE2 -- different kinds of sign language here in America, but that's a post meant for another day after the holiday week :). 

It's also important to note that the sign above: ON can be used for all four meanings of the word 'on' as described above when used  for what's called adaptive signs. Adaptive signs are used for some individuals who use sign language as an alternative form of communication. 

Thanks again We Can Do All Things! Great topic starter!

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