Thursday, April 26, 2012

SIGN: Spoon - High Chair saga's

Lil has had a lot of new developmental changes! One of her newest desires is to feed herself with the SPOON. At first, I thought no way! (remember - we learned the sign NO) Then I opened the What to Expect First Year book. The books says it's completely normal and to give her the SPOON. Well as I'm sure you may have realized nothing comes easy in my house. So ... we introduced SPOON. In my head, she's going to ask for a spoon. In reality, that's asking a lot. But practically, she'll learn what SPOON is early enough! :)

It's been a few weeks now that she's been using the SPOON intermediately .. she doesn't put it in her bowls to scoop up food but she does put it right in her mouth without any problems.

Now she's interested in mommy's fork! Oh boy!


Lauren Patterson said...

I wonder if you should also add links to aslpro or signingsavvy. that would include a video of the sign other than just your illustration. (not that they aren't great) but a video helps sometimes.

HearMyHands said...

Lauren! You guessed our next step! :) we are adding that feature next month! All of our signs featured daily will have videos as well. We're definitely aware of the confusion with 2-D signs - not always beneficial and sometimes confusing. But thank you - I will look at our ASL resource list to see what I can add.

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