Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sign: SIT. Lil says SIT!

I haven't talk about Little Fingers much - had quite a bit else going on with the holiday and other things. But just to report, she said another word! We don't really count so I don't know if it's 5 or 6 but it's still really neat! 

DADDY yells SIT to the DOG because the DOG loves watching television - only problem is - he covers the cable box watching tv and we can't change the channel! So DADDY learned if he said SIT then the DOG would SIT and relax. Nothing else worked; so Lil picked up on it quickly "si-, SIT, si-, si-, SIT SIT" all the time! So cute! (I was hoping to replacing the BABY with something - it looks like we found it!)

The sign SIT is important because it has a noun/verb situation meaning no bounce in the sign equals SIT... if you bounce the sign (up and down) then it becomes CHAIR. So SIT is one hit of the opposite pointer and middle fingers, while CHAIR is two hits with those same fingers. Such a slight difference means such a different sign!
Compliments of Super Duper, Inc.

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