Monday, April 23, 2012

sign: RAIN. We're recovering from lots of RAIN

Yesterday, it RAINED cats and dogs! Ironically I wouldn't sign that verbatim in ASL ("it's raining cats and dogs") but in English - it's appropriate! We'll talk about idioms in ASL another day :). 

So I spent all day in my office... actually like I said I would on Friday for the sign EARTH. Saturday was very successful at the Burlington County Women's Expo. Thank you to all the great people I met there. It truly was a very blessed busy day and I enjoyed talking to everyone. I'm so excited for some new tutoring clients I met online and in-person and some potential new class members for our great classes coming up this summer!

So today's sign RAIN because that's the only thing on my mind (the large puddles in my backyard!) at this time.
(c) Sign2Me
Hope your weekend was good! What did you do this weekend?


Hubba said...

My weekend was great! Had great weather and played some tennis. Yay, I'm your newest follower, feel free to follow me back at:

Kate said...

Wonderful! I'm loving your blog so much. Thanks for linking this post up this week!

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