Monday, April 30, 2012

sign: BROKE... I made too much baby food!

So many weeks ago I talked about how Lil's grandparents were in town (see GRANDMOM) and I was still recovering my previous week's knife incident (see HURT), I had the family helping make her baby food. Let me just say - she was well stocked again and it lasted for quite some time! Anyway, so I had Lil's grandpa peeling apples, my husband peeling nectarines and pureeing the foods I chose, and Lil's grandma cutting apples and putting all the newly pureed foods in containers and freezer bags. I was as you could say the orchestra conductor of the group :)

This blade I borrowed from my father
but the bottom is where mine is
As my husband was cleaning the blade to the food processor for the second series of food, he noticed cracks in the blade! Oh man - the machine's only a year old and we absolutely love the machine! 

Then not much longer later my husband turned and looked at me and said 'oops' .. I look in his hand and our very nice Pampered Chef scraper was BROKE! He said ... it had a little situation with the food processor. So the sign of the day was obviously - BROKE!

But we had a very successful food-making morning: apple-nectarines, apple-pineapple-oranges, and carrot-squash! I'm was very happy parent!

So now weeks later, I'm having a pampered chef party because I have to order a new scraper! I think you can tell which one needs to be replaced! It's a shame warranties don't cover operator error!

With the Mother's Day holiday right around the corner, I thought why not share the love! Enjoy this link to pampered chef (click here! Just tell Barbara it's my party. she'll help ya!)- we love their stuff and already have our order ready! What's your favorite Pampered Chef item? Or better yet - what did you BREAK while making baby food?

Sign: BREAK (or BROKE - not as in the $ broke)

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