Tuesday, May 1, 2012

sign: MONTH for Better Speech Hearing Month (BSHM)

This MONTH is a big MONTH for Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs), which I am (I'll talk more about me later - hint a sign coming soon is WHO for WHO I am). 

Better Speech Hearing MONTH (BSHM)!

American Speech-Hearing Language Association 
provides great resources understand:
- language
- speech
- hearing
- social skills
- and more!

During this month we're going to have some great posts about what using sign language means to some very skilled speech language pathologists. We're also going to talk about SLPs do, hearing, the ear, and lots of other great topics. Have something you want to talk about - let us know! 

sign: MONTH
the sign is taken in two parter. The video portrays it in action.

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