Friday, May 11, 2012

sign: HOW for HOW do we hear

What we think of as our ear...

Really looks like this!

And it's these three major parts of our ear that help us pick up sound and attach meaning to it. These 3 majors parts are the:
1. Outer ear: consists of the ear canal and eardrum. Sound travels down the ear canal, striking the eardrum and causing it to move or vibrate.
2. Middle ear:space behind the eardrum. There's three little bones that vibrate, which, in turn, creates movement of the fluid in the inner ear.
3. Inner ear: The fluid moves causing changes in the tiny hair cells, which in turn send electric signals from the inner ear up the hearing nerve to the brain

The brain then interprets these electrical signals as sound.

Now, one important thing to note: 
You don't have to hear to listen!

Hearing is just one of our five senses; we use other senses as well to communicate. That's why it's important to consider the whole person when communicating with others. 

This is considered the 'pathological' viewpoint taking out the cultural aspect of communicating.  The 'cultural' viewpoint is another critically important viewpoint - we shall talk about another time.

Sign: HOW has a slight twist of the wrist of the dominant fan.

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