Friday, May 25, 2012

sign: SMART. Product review: Signing Smart. Great ASL product for babies

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on Signing SMART's sign language products a couple months ago. ... and well, it was a hit! 

Little Fingers signed TWO signs immediately (literally - during the movie)! One she already signed before (BABY) but the other she didn't! 

Dr. Michelle Anthony and Dr. Reyna Linder created Signing SMART when they became new parents and quickly learned there were not many resources available for the true hectic lifestyles of parents to teach their children enriched language skills.  Dr. Anthony and Dr. Linder went to school together and got their PhDs in Developmental Psychology.

They both believe in my same philosophies of using ASL to teach sign language versus baby signs or home made signs. It's just so important to understand the importance of a philosophy I once heard in Dr. Garcia's book, Sign With Your Baby "It Takes A Language To Learn Another" - I can't stress that enough (and that's just one of the many reasons who to use ASL - we'll talk about that more later).

The use of the puppet-like bear with the very animated music and upbeat rhythms Lil was immediately interested. She signed BABY immediately and then signed PLAY. She was immediately drawn to the movie, which she isn't for many shows. She typically doesn't care about the TV (unless it's Signing Time, Fresh Beat Band and now this!).

We're happy to have stumbled upon Signing SMART. So happy that we decided to stock their DVDs and you can find their DVDs in our online store now!

Sign: SMART! 
(2 parter)

Sign: SMART - first you put your middle finger on your forehead and then twist it out (so your palm is facing your communication partner).

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