Thursday, May 17, 2012

PROUD moment with the unexpected sign CRACKER

Two days ago (5/15/12), we had a very PROUD moment here in our house. Little Fingers signed CRACKER - sounds like just another day because she's saying and signing new things frequently but this one is extra special because it really was eye opening for me. 

We weren't really focusing on CRACKER like we were with MILK, YOGURT, PLEASE, JUICE, CEREAL, MOMMY & DADDY and a couple others. But the point is - CRACKER was only touched upon quickly in passing. And to show the natural sponge she is - she picked up on it from the Baby Signing Time DVDs and from the natural ways we use it when giving her a cracker. We'd sign it in passing, shopping, pointing, putting food away - but never in a teaching moment.

Of course I have up'ed the ante and began signing BUNNY for her favorite BUNNY CRACKERS.  Yesterday our babysitter said Little Fingers signed MORE CRACKERS all day. haha - too too funny! Now, here's the speechie in me - I know she's ready for something new. One thing I always teach in class - be careful of over generalization - don't get so excited that they are signing that you forget to move on to the next sign! So our new sign of the week: CRACKER

compliments of Sign2Me

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