Thursday, May 31, 2012

sign: OUTSIDE because its that time of year

We already mentioned last week with the sign SPRING and FLOWER that we'd be talking more about OUTSIDE and things you do and see OUTSIDE. We'll be discussing tips of how to use signs and learn new vocabulary while OUTSIDE. We spend sometime daily OUTSIDE now - there's definitely lessons to be learned and words to sign while being OUTSIDE.

What activities do you do OUTSIDE?

Tip for today: Sign OUTSIDE when you say "do you want to go OUTSIDE? Let's go OUTSIDE." (When you're out there, don't say "This is OUTSIDE" - that's too lesson driven). 

While you're out there point out all the FLOWERS. This will hopefully help too when your little one is trying to help weed that they don't pick the FLOWERS like my little one. 

1 comment:

Angela said...

Hello, what a great thing to teach daily. Look forward to seeing more. I found you via the 'Mingle With Us' blog hop.
Have a great day!

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