Tuesday, May 15, 2012

sign: SPEECH for Miss. Speechie's thoughts on Better SPEECH hearing month

As previously mentioned (click here), it's Better Speech and Hearing Month. If I were in charge, I would call it Better Communication Month. But in honor of BSHM, I welcome Miss Speechie and her thoughts on BSHM. So today's sign SPEECH THERAPIST (not that we like the term 'speech therapist' but it does the job).

It is that time of year again, May Better Speech and Hearing Month (BSHM)!  As a speech-language pathologist working in a public school, I work with numerous students with a variety of needs.  BSHM comes at a time of year when students are questioning "Why am I here?"  Teachers are also questioning at this time "How is that helping my students?"  I like to use BSHM as a time to reach out to my colleagues to make sure they are utilizing the strategies for the students in the classroom.  I remind students of their individual goals (those old enough to ask, are typically old enough to comprehend).  We reflect on the activities and strategies we have learned throughout the year.  We also self monitor progress and discuss what we still need to work on in speech.  I think it is important to remind students, colleagues, administrators, and parents the importance of speech and language skills and their impact on the classroom.  I feel BSHM is a great time to do so!  The more that understand and support what we do, the better the outcome for our students!  Feel free to check out my blog athttp://speechtimefun.blogspot.com/.  There you will find resources such as RTI strategies, data collection forms, and a teacher update form.

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