Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sign: NO ... is she too young?

I consider our parenthood journey to be relatively successful thus far feeling pretty proud of our decisions as parents .. there's a few things minor things but sometimes I feel like we've created a monster! My husband and I joked last night that we should introduce the sign NO.  A few weeks ago we decided she was old enough to hear the word 'no' ... but needless to say we've created a monster. It's called "Lil goes to town on her changing table". She does nothing close to sitting or laying or anything else that might make the process relatively easy for mommy and daddy! So we joke - perhaps NO is being added to the list. We'll keep you posted! We could have the only 10 month old signing NO to everyone .. YIKES!

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Jaye said...

I like your site. I don't think it needs a facelift. I'm a follower from mbc.

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