Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sign: DIAPER! Do the DIAPER Dance

Obviously Ms. Lil is in DIAPERS. So why not make it a teachable moment! How many times does she get changed a day?! Oh goodness - I couldn't tell you - a dozen or more?! Baby Signing Time Volume 1 has an awesome DIAPER song that we sing while we're getting changed! "Do the DIAPER dance. You gotta wiggle ... " (it's contagious!)

Years ago, I had a friend tell me that her child learned DIAPER in daycare and then came home and signed DIAPER when she needed it changed! Wouldn't that be great?! This could lead to early potty training! (Stay tuned for more information on that because that is our hope for sure! Especially with the new Potty Time DVD and CD.

So let's hope in the upcoming months not only will Lil be signing DIAPER like mommy and daddy are doing but she'll be telling us she needs to go before her DIAPER's dirty! :0 - how great would that be!?
compliments of Sign2Me


Alejandra said...

Awesome! Yesterday my little love had an evaluation for his language development, the therapists recommended speech therapy. This is another alternative to aide with his communication. Thank you for sharing!

A Touch of SOL said...

IT WORKS~ I taught Sign Language to Hearing Babies and Children. Experimented with my daughter first and it was truly AMAZING my clients were schocked! It is the best when they can tell you what they want at 5 months of age without all the frustration as well as telling you were something hurts...Looking forward to teaching my neice who is four months...

A Touch of SOL said...

PS and its great for Dual Languages...Whether my parents and in laws spoke to my children in Spanich or English the sign is still the same so BONUS!

HearMyHands said...

Alejandra - sign language is a great tool in speech therapy (I use it frequently in my therapy with my students and clients). Very successful when it's appropriate!

A Touch of SOL - yes sign language is truly fun and a great avenue to communicate with our youngsters!

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