Sunday, January 8, 2012

Signing Time Sign of the Week

Book. Sign for Book
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Book. So what book have you read using sign language? Or - what book do you wish you could read with a little sign?

Here's an added bonus you won't find from last week's Facebook post.

Tips when Signing and Reading:

  1. Add signs to favorite books, especially ones read over and over again. Don't ever stress about signing the whole book -that's not practical :)!
  2. Books with a single picture or word per page allow the baby to focus on just one sign at a time.  Try simple baby vocabulary books.
  3. Repetitive books allow you, the signer, to use the same sign (or signs) again and again.  Try the Five Little Monkeys, Brown Bear, or Goodnight Moon.
  4. Make your own books with signs from the included sign dictionary (photocopy or from a computer), or take photographs of the baby signing his/ her first signs. Match them with photographs or clip art that represent the sign.  Insert them into small photo albums and read together.
  5. Make books with photos taken during outings, including walks, zoos, farms, playgrounds, and friends’ or relatives’ houses. When you look through them, use the signs of the animals from the zoo or farm, or family signs such as sister, brother.
  6. And Don't Forget - Have fun!
~ HearMyHands


Kim said...

Hello! I found you on bloggy moms. It is interesting because my almost 3 year old son has apraxia of speech (which renders him almost unable to communicate). We go to speech 3x a week, but we have recently implemented signing. So our entire family has begun learning how to sign. Even my 14 yr. old is taking it as her foreign language in high school! I look forward to your posts, to find tips to help our family in our own journey of signing for my Caiden. Thankyou for this blog!-Kim

HearMyHands said...

Hi Kim!
Thanks for checking out the blog! :) Please let me know if you are looking for any particular sign language resource. I currently teach sign language to someone for his required language as part of the high school curriculum. Tomorrow I'll post about the benefits of signing and CAS just for you! :) Stay tuned!

Katie said...

LOVE this post Kristy! I'm going to share it on my Facebook page!! And this is such a great idea to help me organize my signing to Everett (and Esella...she wants to learn too).

Raven said...

When I first found I was pregnant (2 Years ago). My plans was to teach him or her signing. Once I found out I had twins I put that idea to the side. I also had wanted to do cloth diapers too. Great post.
Im your newest follower from MC. Have a wonderful Monday.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Thanks for joining WMCIR! We taught our daughter a little bit of a sign language when she was a baby, but she was a pretty early speaker. I think signing is a wonderful way for parents to understand and interact with their very young children!

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