Monday, January 23, 2012

sign: RUN, Go Now RUN! Contest Almost Over!

RUN! Don't walk, RUN!  

SwankyBaby's contest over tomorrow night! HearMyHands is giving away the book Sign with Your Baby by Joseph Garcia and Baby Signing Time Volume 1 DVD!

Ok, so the sign RUN - it's truly the verb sign :)! So for all you teachers and parents out there, yes, you can use it to say "RUN" or "Stop RUNNING!" or "NO RUNNING in the hallways" (remember we learned NO already - psst check the old posts!) or when I'm in therapy teaching young kiddos to expand their language I might take their dolls or figurines and make them RUN and say RUN RUN RUN.
Sign: RUN
compliments of Super Duper Inc.
Disclaimer: I do not promote all Super Duper Inc sign language
products. You will hear more about me and my thoughts
on Super Duper Inc signing products soon in our
product review page.


Dree Getz said...

I'm your newest follower.

HotSavinMama.Com said...

New follower returning the love! :D I love your site and love...signing. I know some, although I am not an expert. ~Holly

Alejandra said...

I missed this post, my son and I "race" with each other and I always say "run, run" I'll start signing it too:)
Thanks for sharing!

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