Monday, January 16, 2012

Class registration

Hello everyone,
Thank you for the overwhelming positive response to the upcoming classes in February. My apologies for the Pay Pal button dilema. It should be fixed tomorrow and payment will be made via email or through the pay pal button. Stay tuned for more hopefully tomorrow. 
Thanks & Happy Signing!



Tessa said...

A BIG THANK YOU to Mom2MomNJ for posting about your classes!! My son is 23 months and is learning ASL at daycare. I have been searching for classes in our area and am thrilled to find you!!

Any chance of offering a weekend class for Working Moms & Dads?


HearMyHands said...

Tessa! Thank you for your lovely comment! We were so overwhelmed by all the fans and family would love to join our classes for adults, toddlers and children! I am forming weekend classes in Riverton currently (stay posted). Check our 'Classes" page - we just started a new "Hosting Hands" program you might be interested in! I can email you more info if you would like.

Happy Signing!


Alejandra said...

I feel bad saying this, but when I first started following (via a blog hop) you I really didn't pay that much attention to your blogging content. After taking the time to read some posts of the bloggers I follow.. I am sure to tell you that your blog is awesome, and I will be visiting you more regularly.

HearMyHands said...

Alejandra - I sincerely appreciate your honesty and I complete understand getting overwhelmed following others in a blog hop - been there done that! :) It takes time to weed through the ones you truly like AND with that being said I'm honored you choose ours to be one of those you will actively follow! :) Thanks! Look for any particular signs or tips/techniques, just ask!

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