Monday, June 25, 2012

sign: MONKEY! Product Review Label & Learn Basic Signs Magnets!

Who doesn't have the Leap Frog magnets that you put on your frig?!

These magnets were introduced to Ms. Little Fingers two weeks ago. 

I thought she might be too young (just 15 months) but she loves them! Granted, I do not believe she is going to learn the signs herself looking at the magnets but I do believe like her other toys, when played together she will absorb the concepts and for that - I'm happy! I show her how to make the sign she's pointing to and she attends.

There you have it! We worked on joint attention and joint referencing skills. She points (references) and looks at me - I tell her what it is she's looking at!

I also attach the signs with the ABCs with my Early Intervention clients using the Leap Frog ABC magnet. They have a great set of the ABC magnets as well which is fun. Lil's definitely too young for those (15 months) but they are definitely coming next. 

A run-down about the Label & Learn Basic Signs Magnets

  • priced right (see for yourself here!)
  • uses true American Sign Language
  • the monkey gains the interest of the child
  • sturdy (she picked up one of these magnets and tried to crush it and it didn't happen. She picked up a pizza store magnet and crushed it in half immediately).
  • multi-purposeful (I use them in therapy too off of the refrigerator)
  • the size of the magnet (perhaps they could be a touch bigger)
  • color might be nice

Tell me, what do you think? Think outside of the box - how can you use these magnets? Perhaps you can use dry erase markers and color in the monkey signing different signs so now you're working on following directions too! The possibilities are endless!

compliments Sign2Me (r)

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