Friday, June 15, 2012

sign: HOT (One of Lil's new words) - appropriate for the season

I never would have imagined all the words coming out of this little girl! One of her newest words is HOT and she gets it! She blows on her food after she says and signs HOT. 
**Love it***
Now I'm trying to teach her HOT in the tub because once in a blue moon when the tub water is just too HOT she'll get quite upset. Being able to carry over the understanding of HOT outside of food will be huge!

HOT is very appropriate this time of year right? For summer! It's not HOT enough yet for me to sign it, but give it a few weeks, it'll be boiling here. 

(I also use HOT with describing words and opposites in therapy)

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Empowered Momma J said...

I read your post on Swanky Baby and liked what you wrote. As mentioned to Swanky Baby's writer I am in the middle of writing my next post and it's on sign language. I will most definately be visiting your site ofter.
I'm following you. A follow back would be nice.

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