Thursday, June 7, 2012


I thought it was appropriate to talk about APPLAUSE. I have children with degrees of hearing loss on my case load for speech-language therapy in Early Intervention and the school system - most recently more so for EI. This week I had a great moment with a two year old, so I wanted to share....

I have been signing 'ya' APPLAUSE (versus clapping for the hearing culture) every time I provided him with praise. This week it made sense to him and seeing his face light up when I provided APPLAUSE - it makes everything worth it! Seeing him learn language and being a part of that experience .. just makes me want to APPLAUD. Lightened my heart and I had to share :)

I also wanted to APPLAUD all of those who participated in the 2-Day $10 DVD sale. I feel like I help so many families with language development and early communication skills by opening them up to the idea of using sign language in their children's lives - APPLAUSE to all those families who took that next step to jumpstart their children's communication skills! 
Didn't get to order? I'm finalizing right now - call call call! (or email email email!)

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