Thursday, February 23, 2012

sign: READ Read Across America Week

This week is Read Across America!
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

What books are you reading to your children this week? Little Fingers loves the Gallop book she got for my baby shower. My husband picked it out and insisted on putting it on the registry.
I remember thinking - who puts books on their registry!?
Now - she won't put it down when she's on the changing table. She loves the book! That makes me a happy mommy. Lil turns one in just a few short weeks ... my goal is to replace the nightly bottle with a nightly book! I shall let you know how that goes for sure.

compliments of Super Duper, Inc..
Again I don't endorse Super Duper, Inc.
I don't promote their style of signing.
But sometimes their signs work in my favor. The sign: READ the two fingers should
be closer to your face as they act like your eyes. Hence, your eyes are doing
the reading. the other open palm hand is the book. READ.
Don't forget to read our BOOK post about how to incorporate signs into reading!

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