Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sign: JUMP What's the Sign... Wednesday! 2/29/11

You asked and we delivered!

What's the Sign Wednesday going strong!

And, we thought the same sign - how ironic! We had a few options already today so we're going to take both, making one today and one for next week. Today's sign is JUMP. Next week's is HOMEWORK (see stay tuned).

Thank you to Candice from The Dance Lab in Moorestown, NJ for reading my mind. That was my exact idea! I was thinking - I wished Leap Day didn't occur on "What's the sign Wednesdays" so I could post a sign for this very special day! How often does it happen?! (Leap year that is)

So we're JUMPING into March with the sign JUMP.

Candice desires to use the sign JUMP for her dance classes.

How can you use the sign?
- How about in the classroom when you're putting together morning groups. Get the kids up and moving to wake up those minds!

- Or how about outside playing hotscotch or jump rope.

- Or play 'Simon Says' using action words like WALK (in place), JUMP up and down, and so on.

Sign: JUMP
compliments of Sign2Me
JUMP: nondominant hand flat palm up. Dominant hand
makes an upside down V and the two fingers bounce up and down
when touching the open palm like they are jumping. JUMP

Happy Leap Day everyone!

Stay tuned for next week's "What's the Sign Wednesday?" sign HOMEWORK. And Thank You to everyone participating. We're glad to see everyone enjoying "What's the Sign Wednesday".

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