Friday, February 10, 2012

sign: BUTTERFLY. Check Out our Valentine's BUTTERFLY Craft!

Compliments of Melomomma! We are going to put our own spin on this great craft idea! I'm always looking for crafts to do with my little kiddos I work with and here it one. See how I incorporate sign with this craft!!  Read the whole thing and you may find extra signs!

What MeloMomma says you will need:
compliments of Sign2Me
Toilet paper roll
red and PINK Construction paper
Pipe Cleaner
Black Marker

1.  Cut the pink paper the size to cover the toilet paper roll.

2. Cover the toilet paper roll with pink paper. (I found that glue sticks
don't necessarily work well with this!) so .. (check #3)

3. Secure it with tape!

3. Cut out a red heart for your Butterfly wings.
4. Tape it to the back of the toilet paper roll.

5. Cut out five small PINK hearts. 

6. Glue 4 onto the wings for a design. 

7. Glue one on for the face. 

8. Draw the face with a black marker.

*Decorate with glitter for more glam.

Thanks again Melo Momma. Now If you are a little more skilled in sign, perhaps you could also sign RED, CUT, and the numbers ONE and FIVE while reading the directions out loud to your children (or student).

Sign: BUTTERFLY (don't worry I didn't forget!)
compliments of Sign2Me

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Kim Brison said...

Cute! I am going to make that :)

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