Tuesday, February 28, 2012

sign: WATCH. Lil WATCHING Signing Time!

Here's our living proof that Lil loves WATCHING Signing Time! If you look closely you'll see Reilly (the dog) WATCHING as well! hehe! (People say I have the only dog who loves tv like him and I should email The Ellen Show about it! haha!)

Anyway, Lil WATCHING different DVDs each day either at our house during the weekend or at the sitter during the week. So unfortunately I don't get to WATCH the movies with her often because I don't promote tons of TV time and she WATCHES it at the babysitters so I don't turn it on during the week.

Another way to use WATCH: "WATCH me" 
Not "watch" - the clock-like jewelry you wear on your wrist! (That's a different sign)

(I created it in a two-parter)
Perhaps it's hard to tell how to sign this sign, but unfortunately I didn't agree with the signs found on Super Duper, Inc. or other resources. The sign TO WATCH is the handshape you see being performed, right below the eye (on the cheek bone will-have-you). The sign moves forwards away from the eye. TO WATCH, which I always teach my students is different then TO SEE. 

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