Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why sign language with your baby will work for you - FUN, EASY, & AMAZING

 Within my own family and friends, I have the skeptics about using sign language with my daughter or thinking it will be successful for their children. I understand people's opinions are all different and I never press the issue. But man, if they only knew the benefits! 

It has to be a hit right? I mean we see so many television shows incorporating some sign language here and there (e.g. Little Bill in Nick Jr and The Good Night Show on Sprout and even the Signing Time songs during commercial breaks themselves). It's a success! It's a hit! It's educational! And most importantly for your child - it's fun!
Little Fingers & a friend signing EAT
while playing with their kitchen set

Nothing is more FUN than seeing your child sing, sign, and dance around the room like my Little Fingers as she's so interested in learning MORE MORE MORE! You can start as early as 6 months old and trust me not using sign language takes all the fun away of that guessing game we like to call fit-throwing when we don't know what it is they want and they have no means of communicating it to us at that time. It's FUN to sign!

Super EASY!
Some of my parents in classes take the approach initially that this is more work or homework for them because they don't have the background I have in sign language. Well, you certainly don't need the background I have in sign language to make it EASY! We're looking for one-word phrases and utterances not a long winded sentence! To start, you pick a few signs and go from there. Bombardment isn't necessarily key anyway. First few signs - - - probably something highly preferred (e.g. MILK, MORE, MOMMY). Keep it EASY and the FUN will last forever :) 

The Wow - AMAZING moments...
I have had so many 'Wow - AMAZING' moments during Little Fingers communication and language development - I truly attribute it to her knowledge in sign language. She's been signing since she was about 8 months. She's 23 months now and she speaks in 3 - 5 word sentences (don't get me wrong we still have 1 and 2-word sentences too!). She still watches her Signing Time videos, especially the newest series Rachel and the Treeschoolers and it AMAZES me.
                                               This is the newest video in case you haven't seen it yet

 She signs things I never taught her or focused on (e.g. CHEESE). She has such a diverse vocabulary, it's AMAZING!




What more can I say!

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