Saturday, February 9, 2013

Looking for Your Help! I'm looking for personal experiences with ototoxicity (Hearing Loss due to medication)

My winter semester started in my doctoral program and you know there's always papers to write. I am one year from finishing my SLP.D (speech-language pathology doctorate) at Nova Southeastern University! So I do everything in my power to relate my papers to Deafness in some fashion. For example, last semester I was taking Genetics and Counseling. 

So I wrote my genetics paper on Deafness and genetics and my counseling paper on Deaf culture / counseling and music therapy as it related to Deaf children.  (I know I promised I'd share the info .. and I still do promise.. I'll get to it out soon!)

Now I'm in Pharmacology. So guess what my paper is about ? Pharmacology and Deafness .. more specifically ototoxicity and ototoxic drugs ...  

Can you help?

I figure if I have to take these courses I mine as well get as much out of it as I can and maybe I can share some information to you in the meantime. It also provides me that much more education when I am helping, diagnosing, and treating others.

Can you help?
This is a new topic to me. I would love to hear from you. Have you experienced drug-induced hearing loss, ototoxicity, or have you taken ototoxic drugs? If not you, perhaps someone in your family? I would love to hear your input... and your experiences.

Thank you in advance. I appreciate and value all my readers and supporters and your input is much appreciated. 


Maria said...

I recommend you privately message Lynn Wood from Auditory Verbal Center of Wheaton. She's an ASHA certified audiologist and has an additional certification in Auditory Verbal Therapy. She's so awesome at educating others and has helped me previously with blogs. I know she could probably give you some information and maybe recommend some great resources for you. If you haven't made contact with her in the past, you can find her on FB under her company name "Auditory Verbal Center of Wheaton". Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have ototoxicity. I am happy to answer any questions you may have

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