Wednesday, April 24, 2013

sign: GAME! I'm excited to get more GAMES!

Today's sign is GAME!


It's time for The Best Dressed for Less sale! While they have everything known to man for mommies-to-be, newborns all the way to children ages clothes and gear/gadgets, I love getting my therapy and class materials!

Here's one of my many shelves full of games and toys bought at the great semi-annual sale! Their prices are great (which helps me being a traveling therapist to fill my various shelves in my numerous locations). My sign language students also don't mind all the great finds ;)

consignment sale south jerseyFor all those who live in South Jersey and Philadelphia, you really must check it out! It's next week! May 3-5th in Burlington, NJ and I'm so excited! Here's their site:

So what seemed appropriate was the sign GAME. I even got one of my students to sign it as we just finished playing one of the many games I have bought there last fall!
ASL for game

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