Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4 Ways We Incorporate Signing with Music...

music and sign language
Yesterday we did the sign for MUSIC (click here) ...

Now we talk about FOUR great ways to incorporate sign language with MUSIC
  • Sing songs before, during, and after familiar everyday routine such as diapering, toileting, eating, sleeping, waking, bathing, and cleaning up.  Create your own songs or borrow from popular CD’s.
  • Add signs to favorite songs such as "Happy and You Know It" (emotions), "Old MacDonald" (animals), and so on ...
  • Play instruments and learn GO, STOP, LOUD, SOFT, FAST, SLOW
  • Play the 'freeze' (or 'Red Light') game while music plays in the background and encourage movement and signs like DANCE, JUMP, RUN, WALK, and then of course STOP and GO for the music.
Signing with music can be lots of fun

How do you sign with music? 

signing with music

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