Thursday, January 17, 2013

T words/signs during our ASL Challenge!

This week is T week... 

Ms Little Fingers has some T signs that she still signs each morning on our way to the babysitters ...

And she learned a new T sign! I was so excited! She love love loves TRAINS and she finally signed it! She can say it, which is great but for this ASL Challenge I'm trying to get her to gain a larger signing vocabulary too!  Because I'm just a curious mom ;)

I actually tried TEACHER!! Yes I know, she's not even two yet but she loves the Brown Bear Brown Bear book ... and she was reading (like she does in our rocking chair.. well the picture is Polar Bear Polar Bear, but you get it!) ... and she kept pointing to the teacher! So I said 'teacher,' she said 'teacher!' ... I didn't expect that! As the speechie - the 'ch' sound and the two syllables! wow! So I up'ed the anty! I signed it! She tried and started but didn't finish .. either way, here's TEACHER

How's your ASL Challenge going!? 

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I like your 'train' sign because it shows the view from the top. I work in a daycare and the parents do not know sign language. A picture is sent home with instructions, but if the view is not good, it probably won't be taught or reinforced. Thanks again! Carla

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