Tuesday, October 30, 2012

L is for LEARN, 5 Quick Ways to LEARN sign language

L is for LEARN

5 Quick Ways to LEARN Sign Language:

  • Reading and signing: Signing while you are reading helps with attention and understanding of vocabulary. 

  • Signing and singing: Signing with singing makes singing just that much more fun.
  • DVDs 
    • (though, to clarify: I never suggest placing your child in front of the television and not interacting with them directly. I also suggest watch the DVD with them - trust me, you'll LEARN tons too!)
    • Little Fingers has taught herself so many signs through her Baby Signing Time DVDs, I'm amazed everytime. She can sing with the songs on the DVDs and the best part is she uses them appropriately outside of DVD watching time!

  • Have fun
  • Let it be natural. When you change her diaper, make a silly diaper song or find one from Sign2Me(r) or Signing Time(r) and sing/sign it every time its diaper time. Every tub time, create a jingle that you can sign about getting a bath. If your children are too old for diaper changes and tub time, make it a car game or dinner table trivia. Be creative!

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