Tuesday, July 24, 2012

sign: HELP, very appropriate and it's a good age (16 mo)

imgres.jpg HELP ... Another one of our newest words / signs. Like other new words learned, it sometimes comes out like UP (meaning it's approximated). She understands the sign but isn't signing it back yet like her other word/sign combos (e.g. APPLE, BANANA, MORE, CRACKER, etc.) but she surely will say HELP. If she says UP and I say "HELP?" she'll say "YEA YEA".  

It's so great to see she's understanding the concept of help as she hands me something she truly needs help with. Just like all of the other teaching moments I provide the sign with the spoken word.

HELP is a tricky concept and I'm not sure if she was ready for much sooner than now (around 16 months). This abstract concept was something I had to wait until she was reaching for me to HELP and until she was looking at me for HELP. I began modeling the concept a couple months prior but it wasn't something she could grasp. Also I found myself talking through HELPING versus asking if she needed HELP. 
What's your experience with HELP?

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