Monday, July 30, 2012

sign: BALL, new word / new sign

So as mentioned before, we're going through major language explosion in our home with our 16 month old. Another new word is BALL. I was thinking of creating a list because I don't want to miss a moment of all these great times, each day with these new words. She recognizes them any time, any place. While we're walking she sees a BALL, she signs/says BALL?! I say 'yes yes BALL'. It's great!

I haven't been blogging as much making sure I spend this time with her realizing that each day and new experience truly needs to be cherrished. I'm off more in the summer than fall/winter/spring so I'm spending that time with Ms Little Fingers and her BALLS. We're hoping to even hit the beach for the first time soon. That would surely have tons of signs to come with that trip!

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Tulip TrueAim said...

Can't wait to see the signs from the beach trip!

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