Monday, March 4, 2013

A Fun way to learn sign language St Patty's Style! and Sign: LUCK! Feel LUCKY?

st patrick's day
With this new development of TeachersPayingTeacher (well, new to me), I decided to provide monthly thematic packets on sign language and as much as possible throw in freebies because one: who doesn't love freebies, but two (and most importantly): I have not forgotten my original mission of this site - which was to share my passion for ASL (I talked about this here). But ... Signing Simon does cost money so I do have to charge a little something for the larger packets. 
Shamrock and ASL letters
Sneak peak of the freebie discussed!

Recently I made a free Shamrock ABC flashcard/game packet which you can find more info (e.g. to get it on Google Docs and TPT) here And more recently I made a full St Patty's ASL packet with coloring pages, SINGO (BINGO), and other cool stuff! (Click here). 

Sign: LUCK! Say 'hi' Signing Simon! You're sure coming a long way :)

Feeling LUCKY? Enter our app giveaway ending tonight!! Low entry :) better odds :)

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