Monday, August 13, 2012

A -- letter of the week (starting our new school series)

Teachers, SLPs, and all other educational professionals all over are preparing for school to start either this week, next, or after Labor Day. Either way, it's crept up on us! I'm glad I don't have to start until after Labor Day, which allows me the time to prepare all these great signs I want to get together for you for the school year!

Each week we will have a new letter (in order) with a couple signs that start with that letter. We will also provide crafts that start with that letter, maybe a poem, book, song, and other tools associated with that letter. We'll also try to blend in some thematic signs when needed (seasons, holidays, etc.)

Stating the obvious - let's start our journey with A!

Any teachers or SLPs want to join us on this journey and write a guest post, email us!

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