Thursday, June 8, 2017

sign: SHARE. I can't wait to SHARE this experience with you!

Our classes start in about five weeks and I'm so excited to SHARE this experience with you - I thought what better way to express that than start blogging again and SHARING new signs with you!
SHARE - obviously a perfect sign to know, use and love if you are a teacher or a parent with young kiddos. We're always asking children to SHARE.
sign language share

So I'm SHARING this information with you again:
1. Classes start July 18 (2017)
2. There's three different classes
         a. Young children - 4pm
         b. Older children - 5pm
         c. Teen/Adult "Intro to Conversational Sign" - 6pm
3. All classes are on Tuesdays. 4 Tuesdays specifically until August 8, 2017
4. All classes are on Conrow Rd, Delran (08075)
5. All classes are fun!
6. All classes are interactive!
7. All classes have hands up!
Need information about the classes? Check us out on Facebook for the latest and our Classes page for details!

We look forward to SHARING and signing with you soon!

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